Redefined: Discovering and Celebrating What God Really Thinks of You


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This is one of the best books you’ll ever read about what really happens at salvation and what God really thinks of you! Redefined opens up and makes practical the basic Christian doctrine of justification, showing how it enables Christians to live with confidence and enjoy life in Christ.

God desires an abundant life for you. However, the biblical truth most likely to help you live abundantly has been tragically neglected by the church. Many Christians do not understand their status with God, and this leaves them with perpetual guilt. Every believer is declared righteous, through a wonderful exchange, where our sin is charged to Christ and his righteousness is accredited to us.

Redefined will teach you how to understand your status in God’s sight, so that you can rid yourself of guilt, enjoy God’s fellowship, walk in supernatural confidence, and truly live the Christ-honoring abundant life that God desires for you.

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Endorsements for Redefined

“Kenneth is poetry in motion, and it’s so evident that he moves to the rhythms of God’s grace… Redefined is not some trendy self-help book. This book is unapologetically a theology book! But the cool thing is that it’s not a nerdy theology book. Many theology books are hard to understand, but Redefined is a theology book written for ordinary folks, like you and me. Kenneth has presented some deep doctrinal concepts, but he has done so in a fun and exciting way that will inspire you. He has worked really hard
to eliminate the nerd factor.” — from the foreword of Redefined
~ Shannon Ethridge, M.A.
Best-Selling Author of Every Women’s Battle

Redefined is vintage Kenneth Ortiz. I have known Ortiz for many years. He has developed a strong reputation of teaching and writing about theology in a way that regular folks can understand. But more than just being a good teacher of theology, he has proven to be a man of integrity and he loves people the way a good pastor should. I highly recommend his book.”
~ James Pitman
Director of Advancement, Dallas Theological Seminary

“Had the honor of reading Redefined and I could not put it down! It is a beautiful look at Justification and how powerful this truth really is. Kenneth’s stories were awesome and the truths were life changing! If you are a reader you would be making a wise investment purchasing this book. It’s been a great encouragement and challenge to myself.”
~ Mike Rosas
Chaplain for the Houston Rockets and Author of Change the World: Becoming a Revolutionary

“In Redefined, Kenneth Ortiz takes a careful and reverent approach to teaching several essential Christian doctrines. He does it so well that he’ll satisfy even the most savvy Biblical scholars, but he also writes simply enough that the non-scholars can fully understand the Biblical concepts that he presents. I especially appreciate Kenneth’s commitment to exposing the bad thinking that many believers suffer from. This book will remind you of the power of the gospel and the immense love of God.”
~ Philip Taylor
Executive Pastor at Mosaic Church in Orlando, FL and Regional Coordinator for The Acts 29 Network

“This is one of the most transformational books I have ever read. Finally, someone writes with clarity and accuracy about what we gain through Christ in salvation. Get ready to breathe new life and understanding as you dive deep through the pages of stories and sound doctrine that will change you forever. I highly recommend this book to all new and seasoned believers who endeavor to fully grasp how to live the Christian life!”
~ Jimn Kyles
Lead Pastor at theCHURCH in Rosenberg, TX and Church Planters’ Coach for Association of Related Churches (ARC)

“With a high view of the Word and a passion for people, Kenneth Ortiz takes theology out of seminaries and brings it to the every person, reminding us each step of the way that God has redefined our identity through the perfect love of his son, Jesus. Redefined is a gift for anyone who struggles to understand how God sees them, and assures us that no matter how we feel about ourselves, God’s label is the only one that truly lasts.”
~ Aubrey Sampson
Author of Shameless: Kick Down Your House of Lies and Become the Woman God Designed You to Be

“There are several key doctrines every believer needs to understand if they are to experience genuine intimacy with Christ. In Redefined, Kenneth Ortiz eloquently examines justification by faith and the imputation of Christ’s righteousness in a fun and balanced way. He makes these concepts easy to grasp and helps believers understand and embrace the incredible freedom we now have through Christ. I highly recommend this book to every person who follows Jesus.”
~ Kenneth Freire
Student Discipleship Director at Bethany College of Missions, Bloomington, MN

Redefined is a clear explanation of why the gospel is such GOOD NEWS! Kenneth unpacks timeless Biblical truths with relevant examples, stories, and illustrations to give his readers a rich understanding of the love of God, our imputed righteousness, full justification, and adoption into God’s family. This book will remind you of the power and beauty of the gospel. I’m truly excited to get it into hands of our church.”
~ Gabriel Forsyth
Pastor of Discipleship & Mission, Mosaic Church in Oakland, FL and Regional Coordinator for The GCM Collective